Large Purses

Each item is one of a kind, so exact colors and patterns may vary. The women are always coming up with new designs, so we usually have a wider variety of products than we can represent on this website.

Retailers: we encourage you to purchase a “variety pack”- just send us a request for the quantity you would like, along with any special requests.

Individual customers: if you are looking for something specific and you don’t see it pictured here, feel free to e-mail us with inquiries.



Item # D1: red and yellow embroidery on black

approx. 36 x 27 cm


Item # D2: red and green embroidery on black

approx. 37 x 30 $37.50


Item # D3: reds & greens on black

approx. 32 x 25 cm $29.95


Item # D4: green, peach and orange embroidery on black

approx. 38 x 28 cm $37.50


Item # D5: blue and orange embroidery on black

approx. 35 x 28 cm $37.50


Item # D6: blue and yellow embroidery on black

approx. 35 x 29 cm $37.50


Item # D8: multicolor embroidered design on black

approx. 33 x 26 $29.95


Item # D9: black bag with red on green embroidered diamonds

approx. 34 x 24 cm $29.95


Item # D10: red flowers and green stitching on black

approx. 32 x 25 cm $29.95


Item # D11: green and redembroidery on black

approx. 31 x 26 cm $29.95

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